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Snuff Gift Pack

Snuff Gift Pack


The Snuff Gift Pack comes with six different flavoured pots of snuff.

Snuff is a fine ground, flavoured tobacco with three traditional ingredients: high grade tobacco, natural fragrances & water. Usually available in a range of flavours from floral, mentholated, fruit and spice among other blends. Apart from flavours snuff also comes in a range of textures and moistness, from very fine to coarse, and from toast (very dry) to very moist.

Our range of snuff is made in Sheffield by Wilsons and Co at Sharrow Snuff Mill, Established since 1737 to bring you the best quality available. Generally you would take a pinch of snuff between your thumb and forefinger and release part of it up the nostril with a short, sharp sniff. Alternatively we have bullets, tubes and spoons available to aid the use of snuff.

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