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Queen - Titanium Nail

Queen - Titanium Nail


• 4 in 1 nail
• Made from grade 2 titanium
• Removable bowl piece
• Fits most bongs

The 'Queen' Nail is a grade 2 titanium dome-less nail. It is designed to fit on any bong with a 14.5mm or 18.9mm fitting, whether it be male or female, as the nail comes with all the necessary adapters. 

It has six inlets inside the crown bowl piece and a high quality machined finish. The bowl piece can be unscrewed for ease of cleaning or to change it from a male to a female nail.

Titanium heats up quickly, retains heat very well and is virtually indestructibleAs with most titanium nails, the Queen requires a bit of 'breaking in' to deliver the best results.

A very versatile product that can be used with all standard bongs and oil bongs meaning there is no need for any additional parts except a dabber and something to put in it. Works fine with or without a carb cap.

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