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Large Spacecase

Large Spacecase


• Highest quality that currently exists
• Precision machined aerospace aluminium
• Titanium Anodized Finish
• Strong magnetised lid
• Grinds large quantities of herbs in 2/3 twists
• 4 Part 63mm Grinder
• Industrial grade micron mesh screen
• Lasts a lifetime

The large Spacecase 4 Part 63mm grinder is one of the highest quality hard anodized kitchen tools on the planet. It has a titanium anodized finish so it will stay sharp and won’t ever dull. Precision machined from high quality aerospace aluminium with a 63mm diameter this grinder has a very large chamber. 

Grinds up to 3g of herbs to a perfect consistency between the top two layers within 2/3 twists. The catching chamber below can hold even more and the industrial grade micron mesh screen stays functional for years without the need to clean it in any way. It has a magnetised lid keeping it in place, a nylon friction ring to stop sticking and comes with a Spacecase branded scraping tool.

This is the largest titanium coated grinder we know of. If you want the best that money can buy, look no further.

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