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Large Non-Stick Oil Container

Large Non-Stick Oil Container


• Made from food grade 100% silicone
• Heat resistant, freezer and microwave proof
• Simple squeeze closure
• Totally non-stick

Our non-stick containers are made from food grade 100% silicone making them ideal for storing oils, concentrates and small amounts of herbs safely. They are freezer safe, shatterproof, microwave safe, reusable and heat resistant up to over 200C, so you can even empty out your hot vaped herbs straight into them without any risk of melting.

The squeeze top means even though they’re incredibly easy to open by hand, the top stays on reliably. As they are totally non-stick you can remove every last bit of any sticky substances so none is left unused on the inside of the container.

The large version is 55mm in diameter and 30mm in height making is great for holding larger quantities of concentrates.

Colour and design selected at random, we will honour requests placed in order notes where possible.

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