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When Balance launched in 2010, it was with the intention of creating a headshop that not only offered a wide selection of quality products, but an altogether more meaningful, refined consumer experience. We set out to build a brand that challenged stereotypes and demonstrated the discerning nature of cannabis enthusiasts.

In recent years, the democratisation of cannabis has helped tackle preconceptions. Through our social platforms we aim to inform and entertain in equal measure, actively supporting a cultural movement that is happening right now across the globe. 

In December 2015 we re-launched our website, taking the Balance brand - along with its ethos - global. Now we are releasing our own range of modern, innovative accessories worldwide - researching, designing and manufacturing products that offer style and substance in abundance, providing you with only the highest quality goods.

As we expand so too does our desire and ability to bring about positive change. Ultimately we aim to help make our world a fairer, more balanced place.