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Stash Pot

Stash Pot


• Toughened PET plastic
• Airtight and watertight
• Holds up to 20g of ground herbs

The Balance stash pot is a toughened pot capable of many different uses. The jar is made from PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate), a strong and durable plastic often used in the food industry.

PET looks like glass and you really have to get up close and feel how lightweight it is before you can tell the difference. It’s also a great barrier to gas and moisture meaning it is totally smell proof as well as being heat resistant. As an added bonus it’s totally recyclable and, unlike other plastics, will never cause land contamination.

The Balance stash pot itself has a smooth and secure screw top lid. It will hold anything from 7g, unground, up to 20g, if ground and compressed herbs.

Simple, strong and smell proof; perfect for storage of small quantities of herbs.

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