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Wormwood: For this piece I wanted to make something simple looking, but with a conceptual theme. There isn’t necessarily a set story behind this character but I like to let the viewer make up their own assumptions about the design. This piece was hand drawn using a Faber Castell pen. I hope you enjoy this design and I look forward to showing you more work I the future!

All our posters are printed in-house at Balance on A2 matt coated 180gsm paper.

‘Hi. I’m Zakk. A Pen and Ink artist living in Sheffield. I specialise in Dark Fantasy and the Macabre. Taking influence from the designs and visions of artists such as Gustave D’ore, Aeron Alfrey and Michael Ting Yu Chang.

I try to design my artwork as though it’s all part of the same universe. Each new design, in some way or another, is connected to the last. I started out mainly working with concept art as a means of setting world themes for what would eventually become the basis of all my designs, and gradually developed my style to incorporate elements of both traditional Pen and Ink illustrations, and the darkly bold styles of some of Dark Horse Comics’ back catalogue of classics.

I hope you enjoy my work.

Zakk Smith’

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