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Classic Spacecase

Classic Spacecase


• Highest quality that currently exists
• Precision machined aerospace aluminium
• Titanium Anodized Finish
• Strong magnetised lid
• Grinds most herbs in 2/3 twists
• 4 Part 50mm Grinder
• Industrial grade micron mesh screen
• Lasts a lifetime

The classic Spacecase 4 part 50mm grinder is one of the highest quality hard anodized kitchen tools on the planet. It has a titanium anodized finish so it will stay sharp and won’t ever dull. Precision machined from high quality aerospace aluminium and at 50mm it is the most commonly sought size grinder.

Your herbs are ground to a perfect consistency between the top two layers within 2/3 twists. Herbs are then dropped down into the catching chamber below which has an industrial grade micron mesh screen so only the good stuff gets through and collects in the bottom tray. The classic Spacecase has a magnetised lid keeping it in place and a nylon friction ring to stop sticking. Included is a scraper/cleaning tool.

Quite simply, if you buy a Spacecase, you will never need another grinder again.

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