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Oil Extractor

Oil Extractor


• Removes oils and wax from plants
• Simple and easy to use
• Includes paper filters
• All you need is a can of butane and a non stick container

An oil extractor allows the oils and wax from plants to be harvested by forcing liquid butane through the plant matter.

To use, simply fill the oil extractor with desired plant material, inject butane gas from the top and collect it at the bottom in a Pyrex dish or other non stick container. This breaks down the essential oils in the plant which are then gathered along with the liquid butane. Then just leave the butane to evaporate for 24 hours in a cool dry place and you are left with the concentrated essential oils and wax from the plant.

Choose from either a high strength plastic or a borosilicate glass unit. In general glass is easier to use as you can see the progress of the liquid gas through the tube.

The small glass unit is 150mm x 35mm and the large is 300mm x 35mm.

Butane is highly flammable so always use the oil extractor in a well ventilated area with NO SOURCE OF IGNITION.

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