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Will Drug Reform Be Britain's Saving Grace?

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Drug Reform In Britain Can Help 

Perhaps saving grace is a bit of a strong choice of words, as this would insinuate that Britain was in a state of ruin so far gone that it verges on being irredeemable. This is obviously not the case, while Britain is perhaps not in an ideal state for everyone, there are certainly countries in the world in a worse state, at present than our little island.

Either way, Britain could do with something to bridge the divide between its people and prevent any civil unrest from arising out of political alignment and decisions. And perhaps the answer to these potential problems could be marijuana reform. The problem generally in this country is the increasing divide between left and right wingers, with many edging ever further in each direction. The center is disappearing due to dissatisfaction in previous government's, economic downturn and social issues.

Theresa May appeals to the right-wing obviously, being a Tory, meaning she is not too popular with the left. Marijuana is often considered a bit more popular among liberals and left-wings, therefore, marijuana reform in the UK may be seen as progressive by left-wingers and non-tory supporters as it would not be a very conservative move, and more of a political statement that could show the public they’re listening. The left and right are not as divided as they are in America, with many in our country voting based upon which candidate they like the most as opposed to who they voted for previously, for an example there is the massive switch of many working class voters from Labour to UKIP.

Politics and Drug Reform

A major issue not only in Britain but rather the world as a whole is the growing mistrust we have in our governments, this allowed Donald Trump to defeat Hillary Clinton, meaning the ‘safe and secure’ central politicians are out of favour. I’m neither condemning or condoning this, I believe there is good reason and cause for concern with both sides. However, a vote such as this to legalise marijuana or decriminalise alongside other possible drug reform would go some way to restoring faith by showing the populous that the people in power are not as far out of touch as we thought and are indeed listening to the people.

Last year Nick Clegg theorised that marijuana being legal would boost this country's economy by more than £1 billion every year, obviously this would mean more jobs available and therefore this would also mean less civil unrest. This was a great sign at the time, but we have seen very little movement on this front by the group of MP’s who backed Clegg, but that does not rule it out completely, only time will tell.

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