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Why Use A Bong?

Smoking is nice, but occasionally you may suffer from a number of harmful toxins which come from the smoke itself as well as the papers you use. One thing to try is organic papers which help, however, they do not fully filter out all the chemicals. Whilst I enjoy vaping, there is such a great feeling that comes from having a lazy day, sitting down and relaxing with a sizeable bong. Also turns out there are some pretty good benefits to smoking bongs.

For starters, I am not going to claim that smoking is the most beneficial way to consume your herbs, in fact the process of inhaling the smoke of burning vegetation is never going to be good for you. As you are breathing in a number of toxins present in smoke. 

However, bongs and water-pipes can trap up to 90% of the toxins in the smoke. Also the water in the bong will help to filter out cytotoxins which are potentially harmful to living cells. This means that those with immune deficiencies who still want to smoke will probably benefit from having a bong. On top of these positives, the water in a bong works to cool the smoke, making it easier to inhale without irritation. Add ice cubes and/or diffuser beads to this formula for an even smoother smoke.

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