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What Is CBD?

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Cannabidiol What Is It?

Cannabis contains over 100 active cannabinoids, however, the two most famous are Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol or CBD. The former is known mainly for its psychoactive effect (it gets you high) but the latter's potential extends far beyond the realms of recreation.

While THC does have a wide array of medical benefits, many doctors, politicians and generally members of the public can’t seem to look past the fact that it gets you stoned. This is where CBD picks up the slack, CBD does not get you high, meaning that a major qualm that many have with cannabis is already ruled out of the argument.

CBD’s medical potential is vast, not only that but it covers some of the most the relevant and widely affecting ailments in modern society. It can potentially be used to combat tumor growth and cancer cells as well as to help calm and prevent seizures and spasms. Then you have it’s properties as an antioxidant with the potential to help combat neurodegenerative disorders. And finally alongside THC, CBD also could be used as an antidepressant.


 The Law on CBD

I use the word potentially, as the legality surrounding CBD has made research carried out on humans somewhat scarce. However, what is there seems to strongly suggest massive benefits when used as medicine. 

In America, the DEA has recently outlawed CBD, in somewhat of a shocking move given the progress they have made over the past year with recreational and medical marijuana, but then the DEA is not well known for its progressive drugs policies.

In the UK pure CBD products are not actually illegal, however, the process behind gaining a marketing license can be arduous not to mention that the smallest trace of THC in any product rules it strictly illegal.  

Medicinal Cannabis and The Law

At the end of 2016 CBD was re-classified as a medicine and therefore it is illegal to sell any CBD products as a medicine without it being correctly approved and prescribed, (which has not begun properly yet as it takes time to complete the verification and trial process). It can be sold for therapeutic purposes in various different forms like in a e-liquid for use with an e-cig, drops that you take daily or even in a pure wax form.

As more places in the world legalise medicinal and recreational cannabis, more and more uses are discovered and CBD is one of the areas where lots of new benefits are starting to not only be identified but backed up with research. Keep supporting the battle against prohibition of this wondrous resource, after all, it's just a plant.

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