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Why Using Water Bongs Makes Perfect Sense

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Water Bongs Improve Your Smoking Experience

Are you looking to get to grips with the enjoyment from your pipe smoke? Do you want to get the cleanest hit that you can without any interruptions or annoyances?

Then you would do well to look into getting a water bong. These are powerful, effective solutions that you can use for easy enjoyment when smoking. They are easier on the chest, they produce a much more comfortable smoke and as such you can enjoy a prolonged session. The flavour is supposed to be pushed through in the most positive sense that it can, reducing the loss of flavour and enjoyment from the heat.

When compared to say, a joint, this is far healthier. It’s producing far less heat, it’s far less damaging to the body and there is much less nonsense being trapped up within the smoke. It also gives you a clear, strong hit that will leave you feeling the strength for some time. For new smokers, a water bong can be an easier introduction on lungs that aren’t used to inhaling so heavily. It’s got nothing like the same harshness and, as such, can be a wonderful way to get people introduced to the world of weed without freaking them out.


Benefits of Using a Water Bong

It’s also much healthier to smoke this way, as the smoke is filtered through the water before reaching your lungs. This allows for the combustion level to be reduced and thus there is less damage being created in the way of carcinogens. It works as a filter to get rid of some of the nonsense, but it also works as a cooler to keep the heat being created by the burn from being too much for you to deal with.

However, one thing that you cannot escape when it comes to using a bong is the dirt build-up. After a few uses you might see a kind of yellow haze beginning to build up on the edges of the bong. This is the toxins that are getting stuck to the glass, and the slow leftovers from the oils that come out when burning the marijuana. Thanks to the water filtration, this is a clear sign that the filter system works. Without that water? The nasty, yellow build-up would be coming right out to you.

You could even consider using a percolator, which is used to help dissect the smoke and make it easier to take down. If you struggle to hold a hit of a water pipe down, then one of these can be good for reducing the strength of the hit to a more manageable level. With the help of these extra tools and add-ons, you can make sure that your water bong or water pipe is going to be as reliable as it possibly can be.

Overall, this makes it much easier for you to manage and utilize the enjoyment that you get from every smoke. Whether it’s for yourself or for a friend who wants to try out smoking, a water bong is a wonderfully easy idea to start with. 

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