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Use Don't Abuse

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It is a common misconception that drug use is the same thing or equal to drug abuse. Obviously by drug use and abuse I am referring generally to marijuana, as, with many other drugs the lines between the two can be more blurred due to their varying effects and strengths. Marijuana is a whole different beast to other substances deemed ‘drugs’ by the law, and therefore should be treated differently. For starters it is natural and therefore the negative effects are essentially non-existent.

The only way marijuana can be harmful is if you are to abuse it, and even then it is unlikely going to be physically harmful, especially not directly. Abuse of marijuana may seem somewhat unrealistic given the beneficial nature of marijuana in situations, however, you have to acknowledge that anything can be abused if it is used too much, you can abuse caffeine or paracetamol, if you use it too frequently it may harm your body and in many cases it will affect you in some way.

As with any intoxicant, extreme marijuana use can have a negative impact on your mental state. For instance, if you are to use marijuana all day every day in large quantities then chances are you will get so used to being high you might actually depend on it. This won’t be a physical dependence as with many other drugs but rather a mental dependence which may cause you to feel paranoid and uncomfortable when in public and/or around a large volume of people. This does not mean that using marijuana everyday will definitely mess up your mental state, but rather that you must have a level of control over your intake and ensure that you maintain your regular daily life.

Having a regular daily schedule can help you to do this, this may mean, in a way, regimenting your daily actions, allocating slots in the day in which to get things you want to do and need to do. It is difficult to maintain structure to begin with, but after a while it becomes second nature and you will begin to feel the benefits of it.

Consumption of marijuana is different for most people, therefore it is important that you are self-aware and understand how much marijuana is the right amount for you. If you feel yourself veering away from what needs to be done, chances are that is too much. 

When utilised properly, marijuana can be excellent for helping one relax and process everyday stresses, however, it is important that marijuana doesn't become something which you use to fall back on as a coping mechanism. If you use marijuana in conjunction with your life and perhaps integrate it into your routines then not only can it relax you mentally, but it can also clear your head of unnecessary thoughts allowing you to focus fully on whatever task is at hand.

Alongside essentially everything in life marijuana has positives and negatives, it's just the positives of marijuana outweigh the negatives, which is why it's illegal status is still protested by many.

Obviously, this stricter routine format does not apply to everyone as some people are naturally more organised than others, but that doesn’t mean that only certain people have the capacity for productivity, it just requires a bit more effort for some. This shouldn’t be an excuse.


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    So true. Some good stuff on your blog lately. Good work.

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