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UK Cannabis Social Clubs

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UK Cannabis Social Clubs Bringing People Together

With cannabis still being completely illegal in Britain, us stoners have got to stick together, it seems the only way to bring about reform is to work together. And with the government insisting it has no intention of changing it’s laws anytime soon, chances are we may be waiting a while for reform. The government still hold the consensus that marijuana is harmful and dangerous, without really allowing for proper testing on the substance. Cannabis has been labelled a ‘controlled substance’ by the government, however, this puts the control in the hands of organised crime, creating one of the biggest dangers currently posed by cannabis.

This is where UK Cannabis Social Clubs factor into the equation, they offer a way to protest in favour of marijuana reform in a peaceful and safe way. As well as this they also offer a great way to meet up with like-minded people, offering a sense of community amongst groups considered outsiders and criminals by the law.


Cannabis Social Clubs in the Community

Cannabis Social Clubs also arrange a lot of campaigns and activism as well as information based upon different aspects of the cannabis community and would-be cannabis industry. This includes the right to grow and the politics behind marijuana, giving more insight to members of the community and generally helping to spread the message of knowledge when it comes to drug reform.

As well as offering information to members of the community, perhaps more important is how their website and literature could help to educate non-cannabis users and subsequently help to change the stigma of the stoner as a criminal or a loser.

For more information visit their website: https://ukcsc.co.uk/

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