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The Trump Card - What The New Leader Of The Free World Means For Marijuana

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Donald Trump and His Stance on Marijuana

Love him, like him, hate him or literally despise him, Donald Trump is the president of the United States and barring an extremely unexpected event of some kind that is not going change over the next four years. The idea of a Trump presidency seemed highly unlikely to most up until a few months ago, partly due to the bold and controversial statements he has made on a number of prescient national and global issues, therefore it has been unclear to many the direction he will go on a number of issues or the extent to which he will go in certain directions.

Marijuana is one of such grey areas, being a Republican, it wouldn’t be outrageous to presume he would take more of an anti-marijuana stance, given that Conservatives are as the name suggests; conservative, traditional and all around not liberal especially when it comes to drug reform. However, Trump is hardly traditional in any sense of the word, having previously taken a laissez-faire attitude towards marijuana, commenting that any decision on said topic would be left in the hands of ‘the people’, he went on to name Jeff Sessions, a hardline conservative, as his Attorney General.

What is Trump Going to Do? 

Sessions appointment was a move which scared many in the cannabis industry, with some even fearing a move back towards prohibition on the substance, as marijuana is still illegal on a federal level. At the hearing where Sessions was sworn in he purveyed a similar sentiment to Trump, acknowledging people’s fears over his marijuana stance, stating that if the people do have those fears then they should seek to change the laws at a federal level in Congress. However, Sessions backed this up, rather ominously, by saying, “I won’t commit to never enforcing federal law.”

While the stance of Trump's government remains somewhat ambiguous for the moment, this is sure to change in the coming weeks, or days even, following his inauguration over the weekend. This is already beginning to show since officially being sworn into the office a couple of days ago, the page on the White House website officially stating their opposition to legalized marijuana has completely disappeared. If you attempt to find the page titled 'Marijuana' under the section for the Office of National Drug Control Policy you will merely come across an error message informing you the page cannot be found.

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