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The thing about papers is they really do make a difference to your smoke, the thinner the rizla then obviously you will be able to taste more of what you’re smoking and the thicker papers will give you a more papery taste. When I was younger I used a colour chart based on Rizla packs, blue and silver were thin and red and green were thick. Obviously as you get out more and find that there are places other than your local shop to buy rolling papers, you will discover a whole diverse world of rolling papers. As you will learn there is more to papers than merely being thin and being thick.

Wiz Khalifa Papers

Essentially classic Raws but with Wiz Khalifa branding, however, they do also include roach card as well as a poker stick for helping pack them better. Raws are to king-size rolling papers what Levis are to jeans, they are timeless classics. Unbleached and organic, these papers give you a superb taste, which is further emphasized by how thin they are.



Kush Organic KS Slim

Whilst not as famous and used as Raws, Kush Organics are no less good. The Kush Organic’s are produced from certified organic hemp which means you won’t get a nasty, chemical taste which can come from a number of papers. This leads to you being able to get a more full and stronger taste from what you’re smoking.


Element KS Slim

Possibly one of my favourite papers to use personally. These papers are one of the thinnest available on the market.  Also they are a personal favourite of mine, like a better quality Rizla Silver, they are made using the elements.



I thought I’d throw in some middleweight papers just to balance things out. Also they are one of the funnest papers on the market, with cool artwork spread across the booklet of roach card, which reveals more of the woman’s body the more roach you use.


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