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The Hardships Of Being A British Smoker

A British Smoker and The Struggles We Face 

If, like me, you live in one of the gradually decreasing number of countries (England) that haven’t yet legalized cannabis, then you also feel the same pain as me. Social media sites, mainly Facebook, are rife with new content and news articles from across the pond describing the new developments and legalizations in the marijuana industry. States like Colorado have seemingly become an idyllic utopia for us British stoners to adhere toward. Whilst weed prosecution has relaxed somewhat in England as of late, we still have leaps and bounds to go before we reach the plateau upon which certain states in America are currently sitting, which can make seeing the advances in how weed can be consumed all the more painful.

Reading articles across numerous cannabis-oriented publications and other left-wing publications exposes you to such substances as cannabinoid oil, a substance not as readily available in England, which can be purchased over the counter in states of America such as the aforementioned Colorado gives you a great sense of joy until you realise this country is still in the dark ages when it comes to cannabis research and development.

Being A British Smoker VS American Smokers 

You read stories of people helping to fight their illness with cannabis oils and extracts whereas over here you hear stories like ‘Police snare cannabis user’ as well as more recently the headline ‘Homeless Man Held in Cell for 2 Days for £2 Worth of Weed’. You did read that right, your eyes are not playing tricks on you, it said ‘cannabis user’ not dealer, which seems ridiculous for England, so imagine how insane that must sound to the rest of the world wherein stories about how people in Illinois have spent 2.9 million dollars on marijuana in the first month after legalisation, I do not have the exact figure of what it has reached now, but I imagine it is substantially more.

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