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Which Celebrities Are Sober, Smoker Or Stoner?

In this game of sorts, I have chosen six random celebrities who have no infamous connection to marijuana (as far as I know) and speculate on whether or not they are completely sober, a casual smoker or a hardcore stoner. At this point I am in the dark regarding whether the celebrities smoke marijuana in any capacity, however, as I cover each one I will do a quick google search and see if it yields any results referring in anyway to marijuana.


Kim Kardashian

I’m gonna go ahead and rule out ol’ Kim K as a stoner, she really doesn’t seem the type, and I don’t mean to stereotype, but with this level of career celebrity it is really quite difficult to distinguish whether her ‘personality’ is in any way genuine, or just a ploy to sell a brand. It isn’t outrageous to assume that Kardashian has tried marijuana at least once but that’s really just mindless speculation.

Verdict: Sober


Andre The Giant

The wrestling behemoth was more known for his drinking than any other activity outside of the squared-circle, known for lengthy boozing escapades before and after WWF events, so it is not unlikely that he tried marijuana at least once yet probably drug tests rule out long term use. But when you hear that the man could eat around 12 steaks in a single sitting, you can’t help but think  that maybe he had a crazy case of the munchies and given his seeming tolerance to everything else, small marijuana use may not even show up on his tests.

Verdict: Smoker


Bob Dylan

This one seems pretty obvious, I need not really say more than the fact he is a musician who was prolific in the 1960’s so it seems pretty obvious that he probably got high everyday. There's even a story about Dylan turning The Beatles on to marijuana.

Verdict: Stoner


Woody Harrelson

The actor and activist actually tried to open his own dispensary and is actually an activist and advocate of marijuana and it’s many uses, I feel a bit stupid for not knowing especially considering he is one of the main characters in Natural Born Killaz, a personal favourite of mine.

Verdict: Stoner


Andre 3000

I was probably the most on the fence about this one, 3 Stacks brilliance as an artist, actor and genuine ATLien lead to think that either he was a frequent marijuana user or completely sober and just an absolute madman (in a good way) and it turns out that he swore of drugs of any kind in the late 80’s and is now sober

Verdict: Sober


Buzz Aldrin

This was probably the most random of choices, Aldrin does generally seem like a pretty cool guy so it wouldn’t be mad to assume that he smoked weed. However, I found that he has been sober for over 30 years so it looks like a no-go

Verdict: Sober

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