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Picking A Grinder

We've all had a number of herb grinders I imagine, and I imagine most people reading this will have had that one that becomes like a part of their person, 'old faithful' if you will and essentially a reliable partner to you. I say this, because I had a grinder for many years, yes perhaps I took it for granted, but as they say you never know how much you miss something until it’s gone. And it is, gone, i’m not entirely sure how but the grinder is no longer in my possession. I’ve denied the truth, i’ve vented my anger in many ways, i’ve attempted to pay friends to find it for me, i’ve been sad but now I have accepted that it’s lost and it’s likely never coming back. Which makes it all the better that there are so many fine grinders out there which are more than worthy to replace my old one, or anyone's really.


Sounding more like an archaic deity than a herb grinder, this grinder can produce wonders. Inspired by the Norse God Thor, it's unique lightning bolt design help grind up your herbs to the perfect consistency. The transparent top on the grinder is a nice touch, it means you can truly see your grinder in action. Alongside this it has an electromagnetic grip and strong magnetised lid. Like the god from whence this grinder gets it’s name, it is immortal, no seriously, it’s sharp teeth will never blunt.


Balance 63mm 2-Part Metal Grinder

Probably the most simple grinder on the list, simplicity is not always a bad thing, sometimes less is more. I don’t really know why, but I’ve always loved a nice metal two-piece, they’re more compact and less clunky than a four piece and there’s not as much messing about with multiple compartments. Made from high grade aluminium and bearing razor sharp teeth, this outright rules out many people’s major problem with smaller grinders, the sharp teeth ensure your herbs get ground as opposed to squashed.


Balance High Grade Metal Grinder

Need I say that much? It’s called high grade for a reason guys, this grinder gets the job done very well.The Balance High Grade metal grinder is made out of anodised aluminium, CNC machined to create a smooth hard outer shell, available in four different colours. The interior has an embedded cage of teeth which are first blasted to ensure they are ultra smooth and then given a teflon-like hard coating.All herbs, damp, dry or solid are ground down to a fine product collected in the drop down chamber underneath. Below the drop down chamber is a classic crystal catcher.



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