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Get More Vapour Production from Your Vaporizer

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Getting The Best Experience From Your Vaporizer

Anyone who uses a vaporizer today is likely to find a point whereby they notice a decline in the level of vapor being produced. It’s a common situation, but not on that you should view as overly negative. Any vaporizer can begin to lose efficiency, but it is by no means a permanent problem. A few simple adjustments and changes can go some way to making sure that your use of your vaporizer can become as clear and as comfortable as possible.

To help you maximize the use of your vaporizer, try and stick to the following tips and tricks.

Grind your produce. No matter what you are vaporizing you will find that it works best when ground up. Ground herbs allow for better heat transfer from point to point, allowing for even heating and maximum hits. If you want to get the most out of your herbs, then it is absolutely essential that you grind up that produce. This produces better vapour hits for a start, but it also goes a long way to making sure your hits are more powerful.

Dry it out. Your herbs should always be dry rather than moist or damp when you are about to vaporize them. Vaporizing dry herbs makes sense as it allows for much better, stronger production. Spend more on getting dried and well cured herbs because spending money on cheaper, wetter stuff is just not a good idea. It’s going to give you less of a hit and make sure you can get the kind of hit that you intended.

Take it slow. One of the worst things that you can do is try and take large, fast draws. You will usually make yourself splutter and cough, making you lose a significant amount of that vapor. Make sure that you go slow because otherwise you can find that the level of input can be reduced. The airflow has to be pretty even and balanced, too, so you should definitely go that extra mile to make sure you don’t go overboard!

Vaporizer Require Care And Attention

Pack it tight. Make sure that you pack your vaporizer nice and tight because otherwise it can make the air flow a little too awkward. Over packing can cause debris to get lifted up when taking a draw of the vaporizer, making sure that some debris gets stuck up and clogs the air chamber. If anything is going to reduce the effectiveness of your draws, it will be this. when packing it right, ensure you are not blocking airflow too much.

Change the filter. Over time, bits of debris will begin to build up and eventually clog the filter and the mesh up. Change it up, or make sure that you clean it after every single use. Doing this makes it much likely that you can get a filter that is clean and clear and isn’t going to restrict the quality of your air flow.

Doing the above can make sure that every puff from your vaporizer is as clean and effective as can be!

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