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Finding Joy in Little Moments

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Finding Joy in Little Moments

Is it possible to find joy in 3 seconds?

In our fast pace society we look for quick and easy ways to keep us happy. The increase of having the world at our finger tips has made our lives a lot easier. However, technology has also made our lives a lot more stressful. We expect to have everything in an instant. We also expect to be happy in an instant. For many people, happiness, is difficult to achieve in our quick pace environments.

Chade-Meng Tan, former google engineer, has developed a quick and easy way to find happiness. Tan helped develop Google’s mobile search functions, among other things. He started to teach mindfulness classes for his employees and became known as the Jolly Good Fellow.

Now, in his latest book Joy on Demand, Tan talks about how in his mid-20’s he was quite miserable. Over the years however, Tan has developed lots of little ways to make himself happier. He has termed them “thin slices of joy”.

Finding Joy in Three Seconds

Thin slices of joy can be found anywhere and at any time, every day. It could be taking a bite of really yummy food or stepping in from the cold and feeling the warmth on your face. Even a sip of water if you’ve been feeling really thirsty. All these little moments add up. It’s finding instant joy, remembering that feeling and being able to notice joy more.

The more you notice joy, the more joy you will feel on a long term basis and therefore be a much happier person in general. So the next time you sip an ice cold drink on a boiling hot summer, remember the feeling. When you take your shoes off after a long day at work, remember the feeling. Even if you’ve left you pants on the radiator on a cold morning, remember the feeling. All these little moments accumulate to give you an overall sense of happiness. It puts life into perspective and makes you appreciate the little things.

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