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Cannabis Laws | The Right To Grow In Britain

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Cannabis Laws in Britain

Cannabis laws are somewhat hazy in Britain at the moment, while officially cannabis is illegal according to the law, many have reported that in many areas the police have basically stopped caring about cannabis. This allegedly extends to the growing of small amounts as well as the possessing of small amounts.

Many UKCSC (UK Cannabis Social Clubs) across the country have been campaigning for British people to have the right to grow cannabis in their own home as well as in a public place as a collective providing it is for personal or medical use. This is a campaign that has been gaining momentum for a few years now, however, the British government has been less than cooperative when it comes to discussing, let alone acting upon, marijuana reform.

Cannabis Laws and Social Clubs

The main goal of the campaigns would be to gain the ability to possess and grow cannabis for the purpose of medicinal use. Cannabis laws in England aren’t a thing as much as general drug laws, meaning that you would get the same sentence for possessing or cultivating the much more harmful Class-B drugs as you would for marijuana.

This has led many to argue that UK drug laws don’t really make any sort of sense, there are many campaigns looking to reform these laws so as the punishment truly fits the crime, not the one-size-fits-all style of current drug laws.

Other cannabis reform groups claim that growing cannabis is all but decriminalised in Britain. This is because, according to cannabis laws, the punishment for growing cannabis with clear medical or personal intent, which can be proven in a court, is so minor that most police don’t bother prosecuting or pursuing growers the majority of the time.

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