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Cannabis and Hemp: Whats The Difference?

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The Meanings of Hemp and Cannabis

The words Cannabis and Hemp have quite similar connotations, they are both commonly thought as products of the same plant, while that is somewhat true, it is not completely correct. The main distinctions to be made between Hemp and Cannabis are the legal and scientific differences between the two.

These differences have a level of control over how the two substances are used. Both Hemp and Cannabis derive from the Cannabis Sativa family of plants, however, due to grower manipulation, they now have very different uses.

In the case of hemp, whose cultivation first began around 10,000 years ago in what is now Asia, it began life as a cannabis plant which cultivators grew to be tall and sturdy. It didn’t take long for people to notice that the flower buds on said plant had psychoactive effects, therefore if they wanted to achieve maximum profit and yield it was essential to split the plant into two separate plants so as to be able to cultivate two products with very different uses.

Are Cannabis and Hemp Legal?

Therefore growers set about cultivating separate hemp plants as well as intoxicating flowering plants so as to isolate the medicinal properties of each. This is essentially what we now call marijuana.

From here they now had low THC industrial hemp plants that were high in CBD and conversely they had marijuana plants which were high in THC and relatively low in CBD content.

THC and CBD both interact with ailments differently, it generally depends on the person, both can be used to treat things such as arthritis, chronic pain and epilepsy, however, different people will consider CBD more effective whereas others will consider THC more effective.

In terms of the two substance’s use, Hemp is known mainly for it’s use in cosmetics such as soaps, rope, clothes, other textiles, biofuel and even insulation. Other than medicinal uses, marijuana is obviously most commonly used for getting you stoned.

In the EU, CBD oil is actually legal, providing that it comes from one of fifty EU approved Hemp strains. Therefore this means that Hemp-based products are also legal. On the reverse, marijuana is not legal in many EU countries, specifically in the UK it is not legal. The rule tends to be that cannabis is fine providing it can’t get you high.Save

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