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What snacks people eat largely tends to be based upon where they live, for instance, in the UK, if you live in the city you will have access to a wider variety of snacks than someone living in the country or in a smaller town. Whilst living in America would be a complete different story, you’d essentially be spoiled for choice in terms of snacks, and whilst some imports do trickle into the UK, we still don’t have the million flavours of Cheetos, more sweets than Willy Wonka or the full extent of what a fast food menu can be like. Part of me longs for this level of choice, however, another part of me fears for the extent my health would deteriorate if these snacks were available. So being from the UK, I will try and avoid American snacks where possible, especially those not available in the UK. Alongside this, I will also attempt to find a balance in terms of that which you gorge on, for instance there are often healthier versions of some of your favourite snacks and foods, they may require more effort but they will be worth it.



Cereals are a pretty good choice for munchies, and while you may crave e-number heavy produce, the healthy stuff is always better. For starters if you did eat the unhealthy stuff, you’d eat a hell of a lot of it whereas granola is extremely filling and therefore would mean that you’d get full pretty quickly and therefore wouldn’t overeat.



Whilst I am trying to go on a more healthy route in terms of this list, you can’t really have a list of the best munchies without pizza. It may not be the healthiest but it’s not the worst either, you can put vegetables on it, which are pretty good. If you want to go the extra mile you could even make your own pizza, however, if not you won’t be short on places to buy a pizza from, whether it be take away or supermarket, most pizza is good pizza.


I’m not merely talking about melting cheese on a bag of Doritos, because that’s just Doritos with cheese on them. I’m talking tortilla’s which you bake in triangular shape, followed by guacamole and salsa which you’ve made yourself. That way you don’t have all the salt etc in tortilla chips and genuinely have more control over the outcome.


Fresh Fruit

It may seem a bit cliche, but I would go as far as to possibly say that fruit is the number one munch out there. For starters it’s healthy, like real life good for you. Then it’s also quite filling, and the juices also help quench your thirst. Plus there’s a ton of variety and different types to choose from.

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