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4 Great Accessories That Make Smoking Better


There are a variety of different smoking tools which many people use other than the standard pack of kingy silvers such as bongs or blunts. These ways are good in themselves but there are a number of devices and accessories which can improve the experience tenfold. Here are just a handful of said products.


Jet Flash Pre-Cooler

When I was younger, the first bong I used was a cheap, nasty plastic thing which I believe belonged to my friends brother, it wasn’t nasty merely because it was plastic but because it pretty much hadn’t been cleaned ever. The result was a thick, harsh sort of smog as opposed to smooth smoke produced by many glass bongs currently on the market. However, I’m sure everyone is aware of glass bongs. Either way, even the best bongs produce quite hot smoke which can be very harsh at times, but with this Jet Flash Pre-Cooler, the smoke will be cooled down significantly before it even enters the chamber. By allowing only a finite amount of air through the three vortex notches, a mini tornado effect is created, spinning smoke in a spiral which causes further cooling while also causing any impurities to stick to the inner glass wall.

Price: £18

Buy Here: https://www.lifeisbalance.co.uk/collections/add-ons/products/jet-flash-pre-cooler


Super Blunt

You’d rather be Superman than just a man right? Then I’m sure you’d rather smoke a Super Blunt than a mere blunt, especially if you’re around a group of people. I would not recommend the herculean task of smoking one of these to yourself, well definitely not in one sitting. At 220mm long and 110mm wide, this blunt wrap is about the size of one of those large shatter resistant rulers you used in school. Now I’m not going to, nor could I, wax poetic about the health benefits of this one, it’s a cigar wrap people, but they do come in a range of exotic flavours. This is an audacious, opulent smoke which is great for special occasions, for you and your mates or even your family.

Price: £4.50

Buy Here: https://www.lifeisbalance.co.uk/collections/blunts/products/super-blunt


Diffuser Beads

Made from borosilicate glass and made to be put at the bottom of your bong, these little glass beads are one of my favourite items on the market, so simple yet so effective! Perhaps one of the most efficient and effective percolators on the market. These beads add an extra element through which the smoke flows, meaning big bubbles are broken down into smaller ones and again resulting in a much cooler and smoother smoke. What sets these apart from other percolators is the fact that they are ridiculously easy to clean, you merely need to empty them out and allow yourself access to the inside of the bong.

Price: £7.50

Buy Here: https://www.lifeisbalance.co.uk/collections/add-ons/products/diffuser-beads



Not to be confused with people who desert their partners at the altar on the day of their wedding, Jilters are a handy little smoking accessory. We all used to have that one mate when we were a kid who rolled up roaches the width of the Totley Tunnel, leading to you ending up with more of the contents of your roll up in your mouth than the smoke. As the name suggests Jilters are cigarette filters which have a gap at one end allowing you to insert your roach inside them. They help remove a lot of the harmful tars if you’re smoking with tobacco.

Price: £1

Buy Here: https://www.lifeisbalance.co.uk/collections/tips/products/jilter

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